Ted & Honey opened in 2008 by brother and sister Michelle Mannix and Chris “Ted” Jackson.  We wanted to create the type of place we like to go to – with a focus on great food - made with a lot of love and attention coming from trusted sources.

We love being a neighborhood place and our regulars are like family.   The New York times recently called it the ‘spot where the entire neighborhood is starting its day.”  

We serve breakfast and lunch all day 7 days a week.  Dinner seasonally.

We are proud to source sustainably raised and hormone/pesticide free meats, dairy and eggs from local farms and co-ops in New York State.

D’Amico’s Coffee Roasters provides our signature house blend coffee and espresso.   They’ve been on Court street since 1947.  If you haven’t met Frank and Joanie yet – you’re missing out.

Our breads come from Caputo’s Bread up the street from D’Amico’s who moved in a few years earlier.  Well more than a few. They’ve been baking bread for Brooklyn since 1907.



Michelle Mannix - Founder

After graduating from Longwood University, Michelle began her career in recruiting, sales and marketing.  At 24, Mannix knew that she had to move to New York, so after only visiting once for a weekend, she packed her bags and headed north.  Michelle always felt that the best way to show love is through feeding and entertaining.  Once in the city, her passion only grew, and led her to study at the New School.  After completing school, she trained under Danny Meyer at Café 2 as a prep cook, and then a line cook.  The restaurant business just made sense to Michelle, it was very practical; the pace, the variety, the people, the music and of course, the food.  Michelle can now be found at the place she so warmly found, Ted & Honey.