Parker Red Culinary Experiences by Ted & Honey - Newsletter #4


The goal of these newsletters will be to bring to focus trends going on in the food/catering world, keep everyone informed, and have something fun to read in the beginning of the week!


H A P P Y  M O N D A Y !



CHEFS are working with farmers to custom-grow obscure ingredients. Every year, Chef Kyle Bailey, of Birch & Barley, and farmer John  Stark go through a rare seeds catalogue and pick out the plants that pique their interest. Among the summer bounty are a couple varieties of okra—including some that are “short and fat and you can’t put your hand around them”—as well as purple jalapeños that are green on the inside. More unusual still: marshmallow flowers and dragon egg cucumbers. “They’re so cool,” Bailey says. “It’s like Game of Thrones.” Read article here.


STREET ART = TRENDY – Don’t be surprised to see your favorite street artists’ latest works on the interior walls of the hot restaurants in town. Artists have realized the advantages to displaying their work in a restaurant vs a gallery. In a restaurant you are IN it, you’re eating, you’ll be there for awhile, and you’re taking it all in. Chefs and owners are commissioning mammoth, eye-catching murals from popular artists. Go check out the walls of Momofuko Ko, David Chang’s new place. The dining room and kitchen walls host 3 full-scale works by his friend, David Choe. Also popular is the black and white mural at DirtCandy. (if you haven’t been, GO. Very creative menu- all vegetarian!) Article here


GOOP just had their annual dinner party in the hamptons. They posted the full details at this link, but check out some of the apps! 


Shabazi Chicken with Grilled Cabbage


Butter Poached Lobster on Toasted Brioche


Kolaches will be the next food to gain a cult following! These Texan treats are officially on the move out of their native state and into our turf! Go check em out at the Brooklyn Kolache Company for flavor inspiration! Washington Post wrote about 'em here. Stay tuned- you'll see them at Ted & Honey Cafe soon! We are hard at work brainstorming fall fillings you will LOVE!




High-tech, low-glitz décor is a trend on the rise. This doesn't work everywhere, but increasing numbers of high-end clients are asking for very modern, technological kinds of events done at venues like urban warehouses or even commercial settings.


Sweet is savory and savory is sweet. Ice cream with bacon in it. Sliders that are actually a fruit dessert. The ideas are endless. Combining sweet and savory (salted caramel toppings, for example) has become almost commonplace. Now creative chefs are finding ways to actually turn menu concepts upside down (like pancakes that are savory, rather than sweet).


Food and drink pairings are growing in popularity. Sure, you know to have the right wine for each menu item, but do you have the right water? The right fruit juice? The right beer? Offering drinks that complement the food — even mini beverages with hors d'oeuvre — fits with today's particular consumer, and gives you an upsell opportunity.


The sit-down, plated dinner is not endangered, but alternatives are becoming more popular, from entire meals served on small plates, butlered or from stations, todessert-only or hors d'oeuvre-only events.



8/18 6-8pm: enjoy complimentary owl’s brew cocktails at 55 gansevoort. email rsvp required.>>

8/18 7:30pm: butcher/baker/avid reader cara nicoletti presents recipes and samples from her book, voracious: a hungry reader cooks her way through good books. greenlight bookstore, free. >>

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get free tickets to the governors island beach club’s music + seafood party 8/22 (plus ticket fees, reg. $40). >>


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Parker Red Culinary Experiences by Ted & Honey Newsletter #3


August 10, 2015

The goal of these newsletters will be to bring to focus trends going on in the food/catering world, keep everyone informed, and have something fun to read in the beginning of the week!


Happy National S’mores Day!!!!


COLESLAW REVAMPED (especially for Fall!) Chefs are forgoing the old Dutch version of coleslaw and removing the cabbage in favor of other veggies. Thin-cut beets, celery root, fennel and carrots add color and the requisite crunch. Kitchn Article Here


NEW YORK CITY’S BEST NEW BAKERY: Arcade Bakery at 220 Church Street has been nominated as one of America’s Best New Restaurants- this traditional bakery is in the lobby of a historic building. Go check it out! 

Also on the list is Cosme, Enrique Olvera’s new Mexican joint at 35 E 21st St. Awesome décor and beautifully plated meals.

CORN CORN CORN- New Jersey corn is ON POINT right now. Chefs are finding creative ways to put that sweet summer flavor to use. Here is a corn soup with a crescent of powerful mix-ins: fresh corn, and cornmeal crusted fried rabbit.


SUSTAINABLE NOODLES! To make the perfect soba noodles, chef Bryce Shuman of Betony in New York City needed alkaline water to give the noodles more structure and a chewy texture. He teamed with the potter who created the restaurant's dishes to recycle the leftover alkaline water used from rinsing ashes for pottery glazes. Article Here.


CATERING DEGREE The University Caterers Organisation (TUCO) has just announced the launch of the ‘TUCO Academy,’ which will seek to create a fully accredited training program designed to address the training and professional development needs of caterers in Higher Education. TUCO is in London- first course starts in October. #MastersofCatering ? Check it out here. 



On TuesdayBARA Restaurant in the East Village will host a Communal Feast created by former Momofuku chef Ian Alvarez. The Tasting Collective-curated event runs $40 per person and is comprised of nine French/Japanese hybrid izakaya dishes, including oysters, mackerel tataki, a flat iron steak and mixed yakitori with duck meatballs and maple mustard pork belly—there's an optional sake and wine pairing, too. The feast kicks off at 8 p.m.; you can purchase a ticket online.

On WednesdayBetty Brooklyn Catering Company will team up with Local Bushel for a pop-up Provencal tasting dinner at Betty Brooklyn's Crown Heights headquarters. Dishes include Braised Rabbit, phyllo-wrapped prawns, ratatouille and loup de mer en papillote—there are also wine pairings curated by Tipsy. Tickets start at $100 and the diner runs from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.; purchase a ticket online.

And on ThursdayBlue Marble Dreams, the non-profit arm of Blue Marble Ice Cream, is teaming up with New York Vintners to throw a "Taste of Haiti" event at the Vintners Tribeca shop. The event will benefit Bel Rev, a "unique ice cream social enterprise" based out of Port au Prince that aims to help bolster women, local farmers, and the greater Port au Prince community. Expect to try several local Haitian delicacies paired with wine, along with Blue Marble ice cream for dessert. The event runs from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and costs $75; purchase a ticket online.


Have a great week everyone!